Wüsthof Classic Ikon Crème Block Set

Wüsthof Classic Ikon Crème 9 pc Knife block set

The Wüsthof Classic Ikon Crème 9 pc Knife block Set includes:

  • Peeling knife  – 7 cm (2.75″)
  • Paring knife  – 9 cm (3.5″)
  • Sausage knife – 14 cm (5″)
  • Carving knife – 16 cm (6″)
  • Bread knife – 20 cm (8″)
  • Santoku – 17 cm (6.5″ )
  • Cook’s knife – 20 cm (8″)
  • Sharpening steel – 26 cm (10.2″)
  • Straight meat fork – 16 cm (6.2″)

Some people like Japanese knives; I don’t. I prefer European knives. The Wüsthof Classic Ikon Crème 9 piece block set costs around $1,000, which is expensive even for professional knives, but there is a reason that Wüsthof knives are the choice of top professional chefs, like Gordon Ramsay, who uses the Classic Ikon range. So you have to expect them to be expensive but you’re definitely not just paying for the name. These knives are fantastic to use. The synthetic cream handles were designed for comfortable and control as well as appearance. They feel good in your hand and cut effortless. They come razor sharp and hold the edge well, and they look absolutely gorgeous in your kitchen.

17 thoughts on “Wüsthof Classic Ikon Crème Block Set

  1. I thought this was one of Rob’s post at first. LMBO

    A $1000 isn’t too bad, the Kershaw Shun Classic 9-pc. Ken Onion knife block set cost $900 and this looks nicer. I’ve got the Henckels Twin Signature 7-pc. knife block set. I hate it I’ve got to upgrade and would love the Wusthof classic ikon creme 9-pc knife block set but it’s out of my price range. I only want to spend 300-500 bucks.

    • @ Heather
      I got the Sanelli Premana Professional Line Oakwood block 8 pcs. Maxime, that’s on Amazon at $465.50. You get a Kitchen cleaver, Narrow boning Knife, Roast Knife, Bread Knife, Sausage Knife, Cook’s Knife, Sharpening Steel and Kitchen Shears

      Sanelli Permana Pro line 8 pcs block

      I also got the Sanelli Premana Professional Line: Heavy knife, Wok Knife Tomato knife, Paring Knife, Fillet Knife, Parmesan Cheese Knife. That would cost you another $350.

    • If you just want the knives and not the block, you can get an 11 pcs Sanelli Premana Professional Line set for just $385.60. You can buy most the other knives there too but they don’t do the heavy knife or Parmesan Cheese Knife, which is kinda stupid but you could probably get those somewhere. They’re really good, I prefer them to Stefi’s Wüsthof.

    • @ heather

      Behave, like I’m going to write a review on kitchen knives. I’ve never used them and don’t intend to.

  2. @ Heather. You can buy a Wusthof Classic 8-Piece for $350 or a Dexter-Russell 8-Piece knife block set for $300. The Wusthof Classic is better but Dexter-Russell is American and you said you wanted to buy American.

  3. Jenny…
    I’ll probably buy the Wusthof Classic if it’s better than the Dexter-Russell. They’re both well within my price range.

    • @ P

      I don’t have any michelin stars but yes I’m a good cook. I can cook traditional Sicilian, Neapolitan and Roman cuisine and I can cook some Spanish, Greek and Lebanese dishes too. I love being in the kitchen.

    • P — she’s a great cook. She was taught to cook by my Old Dear and she had a Saturday job in a kitchen of an Italian restaurant when she was sixteen. Amica is a decent cook too.

    • Jen —

      You know the answer to that so why bother asking the question? Of course I don’t cook and I don’t sit down to take a Gypsy’s either.

  4. Stefi … good for you. Your future husband will be a lucky man! And the Wusthof set looks like a very nice knife collection.


  5. Rob … why don’t you do an article about military dogs sometime. It’s not exactly related to knives – but you seem to be an expert on the subject. I think it would be very interesting.

    Here’s a quick story. A couple of weeks ago I was walking in Los Angeles and there was a guy with a dog in his convertible. The dog was a German Shepherd. But it was about a third bigger than any normal German Shepherd that I had ever seen before. And the dog also had much larger muscles – it was powerful! So I asked the guy about his dog and where he got it. His response was … that it was a real breed from Germany, and the German line of guard dogs was bigger and stronger. I had no idea that the German dogs were any different … and I doubt that most people in the USA know this either.


    • @ P

      He’s done some posts on dogs a while back. I’m sure he’ll write a few more soon because he’s recently bought two more dogs.🙄

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