Watch Out, This Girl Bites

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about self defence and the law. One of the biggest myths is that some methods of self defence are legal and others aren’t. This is complete and utter rubbish. There is no such thing as a legal or illegal technique, self defence is always relative to the situation.

If a girl cuts her boyfriend’s dick off with a pair of scissors in his sleep, it might not sound like self defence, and it wouldn’t be if she did it because he forgot to put the toliet seat down, never lets her have the remote, couldn’t get it up, or cheated on her with the slut down the road; but it would be if she cut off because he had just raped her and she was lying besides him on the bed, held captive in her own home for fear of waking him.  

Hitting a man below the belt and biting might both be against the Marquis of Queensbury rules, but if a girl’s unarmed and she’s attacked by a man – sod the English aristocracy – one of the few physical advantages she has over him is that no matter how big or strong he is, or how magnificent what swings between his legs is – he’ll scream like a 10-year old girl if she hits him or bites him hard enough there. She might not be able to kick or knee a man in the groin because his defensive reflexes are too good but she can easily grab hold of his balls, and it doesn’t take much to rupture his testicles or in extreme circumstances, if she feels she has no choice, she can fall to her knees and bite them off. As long as her actions were defensive and proportionate to the risk she faced she has acted in self defence.

In Italy, a girl recently thwarted a rapist by biting his dick. She wasn’t prosecuted, she was treated as a heroine, and so she should have been because she is. Castration might sound like something only a man-hating, vengeful feminist would do, and I’d agree that it’s a horrific thing to do to a man but if a man gropes a girl’s breasts and slides his hand up her skirt and instead of letting him do what he wants, she manages to emasculate him… well done her!

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  1. Yup… justified given the circumstances.

    but damn, is this the worst man’s nightmare… I just don’t even like to think of it.

    • @ mmk

      Yeah, it’s the most horrific thing that could happen to a man but what’s a girl a girl to do? If she’s unarmed and about to be raped or sexually molested, she doesn’t have many realistic options. The man is much stronger and heavier than she is, but she can grab his balls and lunge at them with her teeth. It’s nature great equaliser.

      • Steph…

        Sure is. What’s a girl to do? Biting them off is better than being raped or molested. I don’t a woman should ever do that to a man because she’s pissed at him that would be too horrible, but I’m sorry but a rapist doesn’t deserves to keep his balls or pecker. I’m with you if she bites it off, way to go girl.

  2. I’m glad I found your blog; lots of interesting content, you and your two partners have done a good job. I have been involved in the martial arts since I was seven, drifted apart from it in my early adulthood, and am now trying to get back involved for physical fitness and martial interests.

    Those are some graphic mental aides to contextualizing circumstance with action. Reminds me of the popular belief that a skilled martial artists could be brought to trial for possessing a lethal weapon (martial art competence). I always presumed that was a myth. ?

    • @ Kevin


      You’re right that is a myth, just like the legend the one that black belts in karate had to register their fists as lethal weapons. Although striking with the closed fist was considered a lethal weapon in the Napoleonic code, which was adopted in much of Europe at one time. It’s possibly that a background in martial arts would influence the decision to prosecute but being charged with an offence and convicted of an offence are two different things. I’ve never once had a case where I was arguing self defence even go to trial.

  3. Yeah I’m gonna have to add my vote to this being the right thing to do and that charges against any female that does it should be dismissed.
    I don’t recall any cases directly in line although back in the day there was the Bobbitt case in the States.

    • @ Alfie

      I don’t know how many cases there have been in America. The Bobbitt case was famous but I don’t think I’ve heard of anything similar in America. There a few biting cases in Europe, a girl bit a man’s testicle off in England when he was fighting with her boyfriend. In Italy, a case like that wouldn’t result in charges, but I doubt there are many places in the Western world, where a convicted rapist could expect to see his victim convicted for castrating him, before during or immediately after the attempted rape or sexual assault.

  4. Great post Steph

    Did she bite it off? Hope so.

    I think grabbing his balls and biting them is a great idea because even if you don’t bite them off it’s still going to hurt him, right guys?

    • @ heather

      She didn’t bite it off but she caused him enough damaged that he needed surgery. I resent the fact that any of the tax I pay went to sowing it back together.

      Grabbing them and diving at them with your teeth is a lot easier than any of the complex self defence moves that a girl couldn’t realistically be expected to do.

    • @heather

      “I think grabbing his balls and biting them is a great idea because even if you don’t bite them off it’s still going to hurt him, right guys?”

      I don’t know,I never had them bitten before… These comments are making me go the a very dark place. Now everytime a girl asks me for the remote I will have to think twice b4 I say no.

  5. @ Steph

    “Castration might sound like something only a man-hating, vengeful feminist would do”

    That’s why poor old Bill Clinton hasn’t been caught at it since Monica then!

  6. @ Steph

    There was no need for that second paragraph — that was just frightening. But biting his Jacobs is easily the most effective thing a bird can do to if she unarmed and a lot easier for her to do than trying to hit him in the eyes or throat.

    • @ Rob

      I making a comparison between evil vicious bitches and nice girls. A nice girl would never castrate her boyfriend because he doesn’t put the seat down, give her the remote or couldn’t get it up…

  7. You don’t even have to bite it off, just play along with it, then clamp down, force the fucker to ring the police and wait until they….ahem…come, or lose it. Most guys will take the rap, rather than the rip.

    A mate’s girlfriend had a dark sense of humour, gave him the most terrifying minute of his life. Practically needed therapy after that.

    • @ Suraci

      Yeah, a very hard bite would be enough. And with your friend, I guess therapy is better than needing surgery, but if she bit down on it just to tease him… what an evil puttana.

  8. @ Suraci

    Your friend does not have a dark sense of humour. She is Satan himself re-incarnated. What an evil thing to do. He should sue her for causing him what is surely going to be a lifetime of mental distress and trauma. Just reading it is making me go into shock.

  9. Still writing a brilliant blog after all these years Steph.

    I still check in to see every now and then, and the quality is still there. Love your politics and the whole anarchic theme. Nice comment on self defence here, I agree entirely!

    Good luck love and check in with the ol’ Boaty and D soon, yeah? We miss you over here! LOL.



    p.s. I love the newer format of your site, much more navigable.

  10. I completely agree, Steph. I’m not sure why more women don’t put one and one together, recognizing (1) how vulnerable the genitalia are and (2) the damage she can do by biting them. There have been many instances of a man trying to assault or rape a woman, only to be left thwarted by an angry bite “down there”, with some women succeeding in biting a piece right off. However, justice is never guaranteed. In England, two couples were drinking when one man started to rough up his wife. When her friend intervened, he knocked her on the ground and sat on her chest, pinning her down. The poor woman’s only option was to bite and unfortunately (for him) his crotch was in her face. Even through his pants, she was able to bite his testicle off (proving your point that a woman’s teeth are serious weapons and that she can defeat a man by biting him where it hurts). However, she was charged and convicted. I guess they felt her response was excessive. I don’t think they considered how terrified the poor woman must have been with a large, drunk, violent man on top of her.

    The guy deserved it for stupidity alone. As if terrorizing a woman isn’t idiotic enough, he does so with his genitals in front of her mouth. Obviously you’re not the only woman who will resort to biting a man in the balls.

    BTW, I’m never crossing you. lol.

    • @ Galeano

      I don’t know why more women don’t consider it either, it’s so obvious but I guess that a lot of girls don’t think it is appropriate response until too late but if a man gropes my tits or puts his hand up my skirt, that’s the time to put his weapon out of commission before he has the chance to use it. The potential of being prosecuted is always there whatever, especially in the UK, but in most cases if a woman was being attacked by a man, she won’t be convicted of biting his groin in self-defence. The reason I suspect the woman you mentioned was convicted is that she intervened in a domestic and the court accepted she was being restrained and not assaulted at the time she bit it off. If she had a reasonable fear that she was going to be raped, there wouldn’t have been much chance that she would have been convicted.

      • @Steph

        It may be that women have difficulty embracing such violence and savagery. There are self-defense approaches for women that mirror your own thinking. They agree with your assessment that combat training is pointless. The techniques require years to master and most women won’t become sufficiently adept to defeat a competent male adversary. Instead they teach simple techniques that are savagely violent like ripping off ears, clawing out eyes, and biting testicles. Any woman can do these things. The difficulty is getting them to commit fully to the attack. If a woman goes for the eyes, then she must drive her nails in as deep as possible. If she goes for the testicles with her teeth, she must bite as hard as she can. Each move must be with the intention of doing maximum damage. A half-hearted attempt that fails will only anger the attacker, putting her in greater danger. It may be this reluctance that prevents more women from biting their attackers.

        Yes, Denise Carr’s conviction could stem partly from there being no threat of rape. Still, within the context of her terror at that moment, it was reasonable for her to bite her attacker. Anyway the possibility of incarceration is probably irrelevant. There’s a saying that I can’t precisely recall, but the gist is “better to spend years in prison than eternity in a box.”

        PS; Another advantage to biting is that the perpetrators have to go to the hospital to repair their wound. And the police are usually camped out in the hospitals in such cases. If they choose to forego medical treatment, assuming they don’t bleed to death, they’re frequently left impotent which at least guarantees they don’t offend again.

      • @ Galeano

        Well yes, but it is very hard to fully commit to an attack when your attacker is twice your size and you’re not confident that the technique works. The problem with girls attacking the eyes is that we’re usually shorter than men, so they’re a hard target and the eye balls are well protected when closed. Whereas biting a guys dick or balls is easier and doesn’t require much force to be effective but obviously the harder the better, you want to temporarily paralysis him.

      • @Steph

        This form of self-defense teaches the most effective way to execute these simple moves and in which situations to use each one. Against any adversary, it is the situation that determines the best course of action. Obviously, clawing wildly at an attacker’s eyes is as futile as trying to bite his groin when he’s out of reach. All this succeeds in doing is telegraphing your intention, and you will lose any opportunity to bite or claw him successfully. If during a struggle a woman has her hand on the man’s face, her fear-driven instincts are telling her to (futilely) push him away. This is actually her chance to claw his eye out. If he tries to force himself into her mouth, instead of turning her head away and trying to push him off, she should bite his genitals as hard as she can. Wrapping her arms around him may slow his escape so she can continue biting as long as possible.

        Despite my suggestion of clawing and other methods, I do agree that genital-biting is the easiest way for a woman to defeat a man in a struggle. It’s not just a question of pain. To witness a woman attacking your cock or balls with her teeth, biting and tearing like a rabid animal until she pulls away with a piece of your manhood between her teeth would be so psychologically traumatic. Some of the responses show how disturbing the very idea is to men. But do you really think you are capable of that kind of savagery? Have you ever even bitten someone in anger or self-defense? Not every woman has the capacity to be that vicious.

  11. What’s all this talk about…”Biting him where it hurts”? Come on! Any bite, any where, HURTS! If I bite you in your inner thiegh or arm flesh, I can make you sing “Yankee Doodle Dandy” if I wanted to! You don’t have to go for the balls.

    Women that think like this are evil in my opinion. Not even an animal does this to other animals!

    But don’t get me wrong. Men are animals if they mistreat women or other men as well. But going for the nads is just plain evil.

    You mention tickling. Are you into tickling? So am I. I would much rather have a girl tickle me into submission than inflict high pitched voice and squeeking voice pain in my nether region. If a girl wants to feel powerfull, just get him in the balls…but don’t hurt, tickle!

    Slight pain there is sexy and mostly welcome believe it or not! Many men would tell you they like some pain. Just not the castrato singing type.

  12. Some truth, some BS on your site. Let me clarify. Yes if you bite a mans penis or worse his balls, you own him! But grabbing them and “lunging at them with your teeth” is not going to happen. If he makes you orally service him, you have him! Like the guy said earlier wrap your arms around him, pull him into you, don’t let him go and ruin him!!! He deserves it!!!!! Make sure there is nothing left of his babymakers, just an empty sack. Also if you bite through his penis, he will bleed profusely! Maybe to death! Good ridens.
    Don’t misinform the girls here. You as a girl will not rupture our balls by simply squeezing them. Some girls may be afraid to squeeze as hard as they can if you tell them that. It takes more than what most girls have to damage them by squeezing them. You will still hurt us really bad!!! And we will be helpless for a time. Maybe even pass out. You should always squeeze with ALL YOUR MIGHT! and AS LONG AS YOU CAN!! Then give us somthing to remember you by!!! Or take somthing away!!!! In the unlikely event they are damaged, GOOD.
    Now if you want to fuck us up. Pull them HARD away from his body straight down toward our feet. The first inch or two (after they are stretched tight) will only over stretch our tendends and connective tissue, But we will swear your killing us! That will heal in several weeks or so, but hurts for weeks and REALLY slows us down. Our balls feel like they have lead weights hanging from them! No running and even the smallest hop or jump kills us!!! Pull another 2-3 inches and you will be tearing our epiditimus away from the testi! (OUCH!!!!!!!!) That is hurts much longer. Several months or more. We will have to wear a support AT ALL TIMES. It will eventually heal on it’s own, IF WE WEAR A SUPPORT AT ALL TIMES. This also ruins our sex life until it heals. And yes we should be able to make babies afterwards. If you pull much further we will require surgery and may be sterile.

    There are a few other techniques if your interested. Write me:
    PS to any fellow guys who are saying What The FU%* BEHAVE YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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