Zimmerman Trial: Selene Bahadoor

Selene Bahadoor is one of the prosecution’s main eye-witnesses, it is essential to their case that she was credible and support their argument that Martin and Zimmerman were engaged in a standing struggle. She testified to that but as O’Mara started his cross-examination it was obvious she was untruthful witness. Instead of admitting she had never told anybody she heard movement from left to right before the day of the trial,which she could have easily done. She repeatedly lied. She claimed she had done so even though it wasn’t recorded in any of her statements. Then there was the revelation that she went over her evidence at the same time as her sister with the State’s investigator, which is hugely significant. The State should never have allowed that.

But where she really fell apart was when asked about her sympathy for the Martin family she denied any bias but was forced to concede that she had clicked like on a Trayvon Martin family facebook  page. On redirect Bernie de la Rionda knew she was lying, the sensible thing to do was to get  get off the her off the stand before she could do any more damage to his case  but he chose to try and salvage her testimony, which makes him look as devious as she is. When Bernie de la Rionda suggested she hadn’t originally come forward because she didn’t want to be a witness or in the national media. O’Mara then quickly pointed out on re-direct that she had already done a media interview, then dropped the bombshell that she had signed a petition for justice for Trayvon Martin. She at first denied it, Then when shown it she reluctantly acknowledge it.

Consequently her credibility is in tatters, she’s clearly lied during her testimony, she biased as hell and she lied about that too. In fact, there’s good reason to believe she made her whole account up, but perhaps even worse she’s black. It won’t have escaped the five white and one Hispanic jurors attention that a black witness lied to support the prosecution because she identified with Martin. Nor will it have escaped their attention that the prosecution want them to ignore that.


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  1. I have a lot to say about that, as a trial lawyer. I will try to email you sometime. Brilliant analogy. Got it right away. I know you’e smart, and a lawyer, but DAMN that was a good little read!

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